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About Us

Serving the community since 1969.

The following is an article on us that tells our story.

Cape Cod Times published 2009

Danny’s Barber Shop

E. Falmouth, Ma. June 2, 2009 -- Danny’s Barber Shop located at 18 Davisville Road, East Falmouth would like to thank generations of loyal customers for their patronage over the last 40 years.

Come celebrate with us Saturday June 6– Saturday June 13 in the Barber Shop for a variety of refreshments while reminiscing with friends.

East Falmouth native, Danny Pacheco opened the doors of Danny’s Barber Shop on June 6, 1969 – when man first walked on the moon, and DA’s were popular.

Graduated from Vaughn Barber School, Boston in 1962, Danny worked for Harry Kamitaris at Otis Air Force Base (can you believe haircuts were $.85 for enlisted men and $1.00 for officers?!) and then for another seven years in Harry’s Falmouth shop. Danny decided to open his own shop at the Town and Country Shops next to 3 Way Liquors where he stayed for eighteen years. The next seven years were spent barbering at what is now PS Ideal Fuel. His final move has lasted fifteen years and is the current Danny’s Barber Shop located across from the East Falmouth Elementary School. Over the years Frank Cabral and Fred Blanchard have helped contribute to the success of the shop.  

As for the customers, every day is a journey back in history. Customers as far back as the doors first opening frequent the shop, many bringing their grandchildren telling stories of how they had their first haircut in those very same Belmont Barber Chairs. The price has gone up a bit but the spirit and tradition remain in a place central to its community and regardless of the economic conditions at hand. To all our customers – THANK YOU from Danny’s Barber Shop.

In addition: In 2003, Danny's Daughter came on board to help continue the family business and the traditions of the barbershop.

Another Article: 2010

Danny's Barber Shop is a fun place to get a haircut and has been a neighborhood staple for 42 years. Note the green and yellow traffic light outside the front entrance. When the light is green, there is no wait or less than a 20-minute wait. If the light is yellow, there is a wait of more than 20 minutes. There are three talented barbers - one woman and two men - and each makes every customer look great.

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